Public Groups, Customizable Homepages Added to Group System Inc., a leading global provider of web-based membership software and online communities, recently announced the launch of two new features to its Group System – public groups and customizable group homepage layouts.

Now, customers may choose to set certain groups within their online communities as 'public' – which makes these groups accessible to all site visitors as well as registered online community members.

When a group is set as 'public,' visitors to the online group may view all group content but may not contribute content to that public group. This read-only public access extends to all group features including blogs, forums, events, group pages and group photos. When made 'public,' all group content also is public and indexed by search engines to assist with search engine optimization.

For enhanced group homepage design, site administrators and group administrators may now customize the layout and design of their group homepages – both public and private. Administrators may choose which features to include on their group homepages and can position those features on the page by using an intuitive drag-and-drop layout tool. To simplify design management across multiple groups, site administrators may apply global layouts to all groups of a specific group type.

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