API Enhancements Enable Clients to Automate Synchronization of Online Member Data

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – YourMembership.com Inc., the global leader in private online communities, today announced the availability of the latest version of its Application Programming Interface (API). The YourMembership.com API version 1.1 enables YourMembership.com clients to automate the synchronization of online member data with external, third-party applications and offline databases.

"Our clients are using YourMembership.com as their enterprise solution for tracking and managing their valuable member data," said William H. Stover Jr., CEO and president of YourMembership.com. "The new version of our API provides even tighter and easier integration of YourMembership.com with our clients' existing offline applications and databases."

Version 1.1 of the API enables YourMembership.com clients to programmatically automate the import/export process of member profile data to external, third-party applications. New enhancements to the API also include the ability for external systems to query clients' YourMembership.com databases for new members and member information that has been modified since a specific date. Other features include methods for retrieving recent community activity and snapshots of member profile data that help create an enhanced user interface experience in external, integrated applications.

"We're excited about these enhancements, especially the important attribute that allows our clients to automate the synchronization of their member data with third-party applications," Stover said. "Our API is built on a solid framework, and we'll continue enhancing it to meet the expanding needs of our current – and future – clients."

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