What’s love got to do with learning?

Everything when connecting with memorable learning experiences. Leading learning is loving learning.

I was stumped preparing a brief speech to deliver at a recent association education conference organized by Tagoras, an industry analyst firm guiding organizations in the business of lifelong learning. This conference brings together top education leaders from associations. So, it was important to share something thoughtful during my allotted 10 minutes.

About a month before this event, I attended my high school class reunion. And, on my way there, I reminisced about my younger days. I thought about my moments of positive learning experiences in school as I was searching for an idea for my talk.

I came upon a single conclusion: All good experiences in learning were all about love and passion.

Watch this short video of my presentation as I explain more and share some real stories about love and learning. This is no romance novel blog. It’s a real professional education, I promise.


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Tamer Ali
Tamer Ali

Tamer, SVP of Education at YourMembership, has been working in education technologies for more than 12 years. He believes many of the world's problems can be solved through better education, and that technology can help deliver this promise more effectively (and faster).

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